Upcoming Seminars

Join the WEC with Doug Barzelay: The Golden or Gilded Age

We are, according to Douglas Barzelay, co-author of the newly- released and highly-acclaimed Burgundy Vintages – A History
from 1845, enjoying a “Golden Age of Burgundy.” The wine has almost certainly attained a qualitative pinnacle; it is the darling of every sommelier and the most coveted prize of every serious collector.

In his presentation to WEC, Barzelay will suggest that Burgundy’s ascent to this exalted status was far from inevitable and that its continued reign remains insecure. Drawing on a lifetime of experience, Doug will offer his analysis of how Burgundy won its crown and why it could still tumble from the heights of its own success.

To elucidate this discussion, Barzelay will guide a comparative tasting
of classic Burgundies to highlight contrasts between vintages and appellations in the context this journey into both the past and the future.

The Seminars in Los Angeles and San Francisco are fully committed.  Please check back for our next series in June or write to marrnie@winecounil.org to become a member.  Trade only, please.