The Wine Education Council is a nonprofit educational organization that supports the development and effectiveness of wine professionals by providing high-quality training programs and enrichment opportunities.

Since its inception in 2014, WEC has focused on three principal areas: (1) Advanced educational seminars for wine professionals; (2) Scholarship grants to highly-qualified wine professionals for the purpose of furthering educational development; and (3) Financial and logistical support to established authors in connection with the publication of original scholarly works on wine-related subjects.


Apply for Scholarship


The Wine Education Council makes available each year a limited number of fellowships designed to enable highly qualified students to travel and learn skills and techniques directly from winemakers.

Stipends cover transportation, accommodations, and meals.  Although not a requirement, fellowship recipients have in the past elected to travel together with other recipients for group study.  Interested students, who are well advanced in their studies,  are encouraged to apply.

Publishing Grants

The Wine Education Council makes available publishing assistance to well-established authors. WEC will provide financial support ranging from stipends for limited portions of a publishing project to a comprehensive publishing platform. Qualified and interested authors are encouraged to apply.