Book Release

Book Release

Wall Street Journal

WEC Teaching Scholar Peter Wasserman was interviewed by the Wall Street Journal in connection with WEC seminars he conducted in Dallas, Los Angeles, and San Francisco.  Mr. Wasserman, a native of Burgundy and son of wine legend Becky Wasserman, described how his classes helped focus attention on the Mâconnais region of Burgundy, where he reports that top quality Burgundy is still available at reasonable prices.  The Wine Education Council lectures traced the history of the region and guided students through a critical evaluation of today’s top Mâcon producers. The Journal article was entitled Where to Find a Bargain in Burgundy and appeared on October 12th, 2018.


Allen Meadows Book

The Wine Education Council is committed to publish and to facilitate the publication of, scholarly books relating to wine.   In this connection, WEC was pleased to provide a financial grant to Teaching Scholar Allen Meadows and his co-author, Douglas E. Barzelay, that enabled the publication of their definitive new book: Burgundy Vintages – A History from 1845.  Years of research and writing went into this landmark book, which carefully evaluates 170 vintages from 1845 to 2015, and describes the historical and cultural context of each wine. This book is essential reading for all serious students who seek to understand Burgundy. The WEC family is invited to reserve a book through the following link:

The Wine Education Council plans seminars (tentatively scheduled for May of 2019) in which the authors will lead a discussion of the historical development of modern Burgundy and assist students in the process of critically evaluating mature Burgundies.

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